Death by Webinar! Yes I know it’s interesting, I really don’t have the time…

As we all get cleverly online  and  “reaching out” is the new reality, are we already suffering from  just too many people and organisations competing for our time?

Or to put this an other way – are the “good moments of connection”. being already drowned by the mass of things we never wanted to know about anyway, or sales and PR pitches masquerading as bona fide information moments?

There is nothing wrong with a good sales pitch, but there are times and places.  What we have done here is pick out a few good ones that we heard about last week, that you might like to know about:

  1. Michelle Kennedy has written to us on behalf of NextGen Healthcare, with a list of some really useful Blogs and Podcasts, that we think are relevant. her contact details are;
  2. Interlace Health Webinars are running a very useful Webinar at 13,00 Central US Time this Wednesday 20th, on the subject of “Mobile Informed Consent” .  Legal Consent is a developing issue, and we plan to publish a deeper Post on this specific topic – but for the moment, go search, so you can get the direct links etc.
  3. Robby Deming  of the Esri company, writes to us again to say that May 28th, there is a useful Webinar where; “Speakers from Emerus and Sentara Healthcare will share their stories at an upcoming webinar, to be held on May 28, titled Optimizing Healthcare Strategy and Equity with Demographics. “
  4. And Kevin Johnson,  of the Variantyx company, raises the issue of rare children’s diseases and the sheer length of time it can tase to get proper diagnosis; this is what he says: ” Parents with children suspected of having a rare disease routinely face a “diagnostic odyssey” that typically lasts five to seven years and entails seeing an average of seven different physicians. It’s an odyssey that comes with an average cost of diagnosis reaching $21,099, more than seven times the cost of a single whole genome sequencing test (WGS).Ordering a single WGS test right off the bat eliminates the possibility of a patient enduring multiple genetic tests and gives clinicians decidedly better data for an earlier pinpoint diagnosis.Variantyx is a company that utilizes whole genome sequencing and sophisticated algorithms in a manner nobody else does. They provide the ability to zero in, identify and analyze the multitude of pathogenic variants that can influence a proper, concise early diagnosis and thus improving long term clinical management of many complicated diseases, such as epilepsy as an example. These variants, if not identified within the window of opportunity, can lead to an improper course of treatment which can cause harm.”
  5. And wrapping up…. the AHIMA trade association has sent us a more tech announcement, trying to link Coronavirus yet again, with normal healthcare, and focussing on their collaboration with Quest Diagnostics; this is a brief snapshot of what they say:   “Given the urgent need to care for and treat COVID-19 patients, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has released two query templates that will help clinical documentation integrity (CDI) professionals ensure the integrity and quality of a patient’s health record. Quest Diagnostics, the leading provider of diagnostic information services, is providing the templates as electronic forms that can be accessed through its Quanum™ Enterprise Content Solutions (formerly ChartMaxx) product line.”

Let us know which of the  above topics  is key for you to know more about, and we will get deeper info for you.



Author: umnitso

Managing Editor at ProfoMedia, and Senior Partner at The CRT Partnership, a a leading specialist in brokering international alliances and partnerships; a published author in own right - as well as accredited media for major trade associations, including HIMSS, Vitalis, and others.

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