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Welcome to \”Chapters\” – our new facility where we at ProfoMedia, publish individual chapters of established and upcoming authors\’ new books.

\”About A Cat\” is the sequel to the very popular \”About A Dog\”, published by Austin Macauley, and available in Waterstones UK, and The English Bookshop in Sweden,  and other independent book sellers.  Here online, is the first chapter. You can pay to download it here and now. We will be publishing a new Chapter of this book – every month. So, make a date!

\”About A Cat\” looks  in humour, at the  difficulties of Boh the cat, struggling to adapt his serene life where he was in control, to one that was now shared by a little dog who didn\’t speak Cat. It is funny, delightful but quite dark, understandable but curious in the way Boh the cat sees life. It is ideal as a small Gift, great for children\’s bedtime reading, and the graphics are superb!

Here below is the initial sample; you just click on the Title, and click to purchase. Simple!


The Saving of Boh.

Richard Bloss. Ben Bloss

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Richard Bloss is the CEO of the ProfoMedia Press Agency. With three other books to his name, including the Russian Tourist guide to London, published by Russian Mind Magazine – “About A Cat” is the sequel to the already popular “About A Dog”.

Ben Bloss is a Graduate of Stafford University, majoring in Comic Book design. He runs his own Art Studio processing Comics for corporate communication.


A Story of Friendship. And a Cat


Boh the cat knew that today was not the best day to kill squirrels. He slightly opened one eye. The eyelid moved upwards slowly. There was a pause. The other eye remained shut, or maybe a millimetre of distance between the eyelid and the cheek below. There was a silence in the rest of the utility room. Boh closed both eyes. He knew what time it was.

It was too early. The glimmer of light through one of the windows said that dawn had arrived, but only just. It was not enough light to wake up the rest of the household, and there were no noises to say that breakfast was coming any time soon.

Boh stretched out in his bed, perched high above the washing machine, thought for a second, and snuggled back down on his blanket. He was not interested in the Dog below. It was not yet time for the ritual of fighting for food and this morning he was prepared to let the dog have his one moment of pleasure – growling to stop him invading his space as they both woke up and made a play for their Master’s attention for bragging rights of who got fed first.

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