Are you a Citizen Data Scientist? I’ve no idea…

Anna Rossudowska has written to us from the Alteryx company, asking us to join her Seminar, where she is speaking. There is only one problem. I have no idea what she is talking about. We have called her office and as soon as we get a deeper discussion, we will be pleased to inform you. In the meantime…

“Citizen data scientist” is a term that seemed to catch on overnight. But what exactly is a citizen data scientist? And what’s this up-and-coming talent group doing to their businesses?

Join this live webinar series to learn everything you ever wanted to know about citizen data scientists — including how to become one. You’ll discover:

*How citizen data scientists have changed the analytics industry + the future of democratised data science

*Steps to become a citizen data scientist

*Ways to demonstrate value to your business and develop your analytic skills

*Get ready to unleash the next stage of your analytics journey. Register today.

WEBINAR DETAIL DATE 17 February – 3 March TIME 11:00 – 12:00 GMT

Author: umnitso

Managing Editor at ProfoMedia, and Senior Partner at The CRT Partnership, a a leading specialist in brokering international alliances and partnerships; a published author in own right - as well as accredited media for major trade associations, including HIMSS, Vitalis, and others.

One thought on “Are you a Citizen Data Scientist? I’ve no idea…”

  1. Businesses are in a great hurry to transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists but without cultural change, the candidate is likely to fail. Simple course work and an assessment and shift in culture will ensure success. To succeed, the business and the user must understand the new roles, new ways of collaboration, use of augmented analytics and analytical techniques to improve data literacy and digital transformation.


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