About the NEW ProfoMedia

We started ProfoMedia more than six years in the USA – focussing on healthcare, and video Interviews.

But we soon found that readers wanted more “insight” and our interpretation of the myriad of Editorials and Interviews that we handle.

At ProfoMedia – we aim to be direct but not impolite;  we will say it how we see it.

Above all, we value our independence,  – and if you like what we write – let us know. Send us your email and we will email you upfront any new material that we feel is relevant for your own needs.

Many thanks!

Richard Bloss, Managing Editor, profopress@gmail.com +447739466458

The Business Centre, Cattedown Road, Plymouth, PL4 0EG UK. profomedia is wholly owned by CRTP Ltd, under whose banner all media is created.
The small print; ProfoMedia (The Professional Forum) and CRtP Ltd –  take great care in  publishing our insight,  and fairly publish material that third parties send us where possible. But no advice is given or offered therein, or liability accepted.  Readers should satisfy themselves and take appropriate external advice, before acting on any views expressed.