We prepare for the upcoming CDAO Conference in London this week.

The problem of data – is that it is meaningless without context. Or more commercially – it is silly to have information, if that cannot give you a commercial direction.

We have already seen this year, one major Insurance company stop all of its forward planning – just because its management could not agree on a coherent way forward as to objectives that it wanted to attain.

And in the cross- fertilisation of modern corporates, ie, you need to communicate or at least be on nodding terms with – your management equals, and upwards and downwards – there are just too many people so often in the chain, who think they have a right to an opinion, and who indeed can scupper best laid plans.

Life was so much simpler when you just had a budget, and off you went.

This week, we will be talking to many leading Data specialists, to discuss precisely this – where is your commercial road map. We don’t want to talk about technology, unless this is the delivery mechanism for some deeper objective.

I think we will have lots of interesting discussions. The Conference is at;

See you there~!