Does this add up? Remote Healthcare = Healthy Living.

We look at one of the happiest Editorials we have received in a long time, because it features how latest tech can monitor us remotely, and we stay healthy and enjoy life!  It is a topic we have touched on before on these pages, because it is the key sign that healthcare is no longer the province of places called hospitals – but has become a community driven focus, that drives ecology innovation and healthy living through a mix of people of all ages.  As we have said before – many times – we are all doctors now. 

Melanie Guthrie tells it like it is:

Hello and happy Friday!

I just wanted to share some news and updates with you about Theora Care remote monitoring technology, and some busy caregivers and families who use it to stay connected.

Theora Care solutions were selected by the Thrive Center for Aging Care Innovation to be featured in their technology showcase – read about it here. This is quite an honor for us, and we appear alongside care tech giants such as Samsung, CDW and others featured in the Center. Visitors from around the world see the latest cutting edge solutions for a population who wants to remain active, independent and live in their home of choice.

The Thrive Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) established in 2017 to spotlight innovation and promote healthy aging. The educational center is designed to enhance the quality of life for those aged 50+ by showcasing new technology for consumers and businesses, and to foster collaboration between aging care technology and services organizations. Thrive is located in in the Louisville healthcare corridor, which is corporate headquarters to Signature HealthCARE, Kindred Healthcare, Humana, and now MicroSoft is building an AI hub in Louisville.

We love to share user stories – short videos and story links are below – because no one can tell the story better. Families share their journeys because they want to let others know that technology is available to help people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia and Autism through some reassuring yet unobtrusive remote monitoring oversight. More independence for loved ones, more peace of mind for families. As always, if you are working on a piece about caregiving technology, thriving in place, we would love to help and so would these amazing people!

Elba’s Story. She is very busy, and technology keeps her connected with her children.
Judy’s Story. Younger person with early onset Alzheimer’s. Must love dogs.
Rosalba’s Story She lives in Dallas and is primary caregiver to her brother who lives in Houston.
Andrew’s Story. His Mom has transitioned from living in her own home to assisted living, and they can still stay in touch using the same remote monitoring technology – she especially like the hands-free audio.
Bill’s Story. He has more peace of mind by knowing where his Mom is, and when she may need assistance.

Thank you for your time. Have a great weekend!